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Review: Mirror Vision – Review Your Golf Swing in Real-Time

Every golfer wants to improve their swing. Improving your swing on your own can be tedious. Usually golfers set up a tripod, record their swing, then review it, rinse, repeat. Who has time for that? Review Your Swing in Real-Time Enter: Mirror Vision. Gone are the days of reviewing your swing after every shot on the range. It’s so tedious… Read More »Review: Mirror Vision – Review Your Golf Swing in Real-Time

BirdieBall Putting Mat

BirdieBall Putting Mat Review

I’ve been on the market for a new indoor putting mat. For years I used the “Pro Turf 5mm” putting mat that I purchased from XGrass on eBay which doesn’t appear to be a thing now. Unfortunately, I had to throw it out after our asshole cat thought it was a good idea to use it as a bathroom. I… Read More »BirdieBall Putting Mat Review