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I Learned AimPoint Express. Here’s Why You Should Too!

AimPoint is focused on the science of predictive putt technology, green reading instruction, and player performance analysis, with the goal of improving golf performance and educating golfers in a quick and efficient manner.

I was introduced to AimPoint last year when I played a practice round with Preston Combs (pcombs21) for a qualifying event for the Kentucky Open. I was struggling with my putting that day and Preston offered to read a few putts for me. I remember not having much confidence in his read as what my eyes saw was completely different than what AimPoint was saying. I remember making just about every putt that Preston read for me. The ones I didn’t make were center cut, just left short. While I was convinced that AimPoint worked, it still seemed too difficult to use in an actual round of golf; I didn’t want to break out notes and charts on every hole just to help read a 5 foot putt.

Enter AimPoint Express

Mark Sweeney, AimPoint founder recently created a new [faster] way to read greens and called it “Aimpoint Express.” Express is a one-step process that all golfers can use to get an accurate read which also does not require use of the AimPoint charts. Since hearing about it, I couldn’t wait to attend a class.

A week ago I had the opportunity to attend a level 1 and level 2 AimPoint Express Clinic put on by High Performance Golf Academy who hosted world renowned Senior AimPoint Certified Instructor John Graham.

If you follow the PGA Tour at all, you’ve probably seen Adam Scott reading putts in an unconventional way? You may have noticed Adam straddling his golf ball for a couple seconds and then stepping back and holding some fingers up in front of his face? That’s AimPoint Express.

Really That Easy?

Surprisingly, yes it is. I’m not sure what I expected, but I didn’t expect it to be as easy as it is. The gist of it is that you feel the slope of the green with your feet and then based on what you felt, you stand behind your ball and use your fingers to determine where to aim. It’s really that simple and only takes 10-15 seconds to get read and you’re ready to go. That said, as with anything golf related, it does require some training and practice to be really good at it, but there’s no reason you can’t go out and use it in a real round right after attending a class. It does not take years to hone your ability to a point where you can use it.

I’m Hooked

I mentioned that I attended a class last week. I played my second round since attending the class this past Sunday and ended up making seven birdies and carded a personal best on this course which was also my lowest round of the year and my second lowest round ever. Needless to say, I’m hooked.

The other thing I’m really excited about is that I actually look forward to practicing putting now. Previously, I would “practice” putting (if you want to call it that) by working on short putts and working on speed on long putts but never really practiced with much purpose. I’m excited again to be out on the practice green working on AimPoint and working on what I would consider one of, if not the worst part of my game: reading greens.

Thanks again to John Graham for coming in and putting on the class. If you’re interested in taking a class, head over to find a clinic near you and start putting better!

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