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Review: Mirror Vision – Review Your Golf Swing in Real-Time

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Every golfer wants to improve their swing. Improving your swing on your own can be tedious. Usually golfers set up a tripod, record their swing, then review it, rinse, repeat. Who has time for that?

Review Your Swing in Real-Time

Enter: Mirror Vision. Gone are the days of reviewing your swing after every shot on the range. It’s so tedious to make adjustments that way. With Mirror Vision the process is simple. Set your iPhone on a tripod (usually down-the-line but can really be in any position you wish) and set up your iPad directly in front of you. Both devices connect via Bluetooth and allow you to view your swing from any angle in real-time.

Mirror VIsion app at address

In addition to being able to see yourself in real-time, you can draw lines and shapes great for checking body alignments, shaft plane, ensuring your head stays steady or anything else you might want to check at address or during your swing. Whatever you’re working on, Mirror Vision can help streamline the process.

Line drawing examples Mirror Vision

You can see above where I’ve drawn lines on my setup positions. The first (left) checked that my arm pits, knees and balls of my feet were aligned. The second (middle) checks that my eyes are directly over the ball with putter and the last (right) is shaft plane line. I did take a video with the shaft plane line but unfortunately it got corrupted somehow in transfer.

Here’s a great video of the app in action:

Most Useful Golf Mobile App?

I’ve obviously not used every golf mobile app available, but I think one would have a hard time beating Mirror Vision in the golf category. Mirror Vision is useful for professionals, teachers and amateurs alike.

Once their Android app is released (coming soon), I’ll be using it a lot more.

Download the app on the Apple store. Follow Mirror Vision on Instagram.

Win a Free Copy!

The folks at Mirror Vision have agreed to give away two licenses to Golf Ledger readers. If you want to win a copy, head over to the Instagram post for details.

Mirror Vision Mobile App
  • Ease of Setup
  • Ease of Use
  • Usefulness


Mirror Vision is a mobile application that allows you to view your golf swing in real-time, using two devices connected via bluetooth connection.

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