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Review: 2019 Cut Golf Balls – Best Damn Balls Under $20?

Cut Golf Balls

Cut Golf recently reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in trying out a couple of their 2019 golf balls. Being the golf fanatic that I am, I can’t turn down trying out new equipment, so I said yes!

The Cut Story
Cut Golf was born from our frustrations of being inconsistent golfers. Like many who play, we grew tired of losing expensive golf balls and knew there had to be a more cost-effective way to play a quality golf ball at an affordable price. Our epiphany then struck us in developing a model for “The Best Damn Golf Balls Under $20.” A golf ball for the people, saving golfers money every single day – without compromising quality or performance.

The Balls

Cut Gray

The Cut Grey is a softer compression performance ball with a 3-piece construction. Designed for players with moderate swing speeds who demand maximum performance.


  • 3-Piece Construction
  • Urethane Cover
  • Core and Mantle designed for optimal ball speed and spin
  • 314 Dimple Pattern
  • 80 Compression
  • USGA Conforming

Cut Blue DC

The newest addition to the Cut Golf line-up. With Dual Core technology, Cut DC was carefully designed to meet the rigorous performance and quality demands of players at all skill levels at an absurd value. Also available in Atomic Yellow.


  • 4 – Piece Construction
  • Features a Dual Core to maximize initial velocity 
  • Mantle designed for high precision spin control 
  • Urethane cover enhances spin and greenside feel
  • 360 dimple pattern for increased aerodynamics 
  • Enhanced putting feel and sound design
  • 105 Compression

Initial Impression

Both the Cut Gray and the Cut DC feel like a premium golf ball. That was the first thing that jumped out at me. Usually, there’s definitive difference in the feel of the outer layer on a non-premium ball. These balls feel identical to the touch.


While performance is what’s most important, design matters too. The cut balls are designed without a lot of distractions. The logo is a little larger than other premium balls, but it’s not gaudy. It could be smaller and the font less bold, but that’s personal preference. Here’s the Cut design next to a TaylorMade:

Besides the nicely designed logo, the ball includes an alignment line. I’m a huge fan of alignment lines. Using a line has made a dramatic difference in my putting. My preference is a long alignment line; one that goes nearly halfway around the ball. The Cut Golf alignment line isn’t that long but fits the overall design and will likely work for a large portion of golfers out there.



I used both balls at the short game area for about an hour and hit all different shots around the green along side the TaylorMade TP5x. I was honestly a little shocked when both Cut balls were performing right up there with the TP5x. The Cut DC did seem to grab more than the Cut Gray which is to be expected. Cut DC even grabbed a little more than my TP5x.


When putting, I prefer balls that feel harder at impact. I like to hear a little “click.” Both Cut balls were ideal for my preferred level of “click” at impact. They weren’t soft enough to feel like a marshmallow, but also didn’t feel like a Top Flight. Both felt very similar to the TaylorMade TP5x that I was using that day to compare.

Full Shots

Unfortunately I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with the Cut Balls on the course before the weather here in Kentucky changed to freezing. I did hit a handful of shots with the Cut Balls along side the TP5x and every shot traveled the expected distance that I’m accustomed to with each club.


You want a quality, great performing ball without paying $50+ per dozen. Get this ball.

2019 Cut Golf Balls
  • Look
  • Feel
  • Performance
  • Price


If you’re a golfer looking for a new ball that won’t break the bank and performs with the big boys, give the new lineup of Cut Golf balls a look.

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