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Review: 2019 Snell MTB-X Golf Ball

Snell MTB-X Golf Ball

Is the Snell MTB-X golf ball the best ball yet in the Snell lineup?

Snell MTB-X Balls
Snell MTB-X

I’ve been a fan of the Snell golf balls since the beginning. I’ve always hated that premium golf balls cost $50+ per dozen. Years ago I played the Callaway HX Blue and the Noodle because they would spin about as much as a ProV1 for a fraction of the price. In 2015 when I heard that Dean Snell launched Snell Golf, I had to try them. Dean was gracious enough to hook me up with a couple dozen and I’ve been a fan since.

Last year, Snell made its first ball lineup change by introducing the MTX Red. A year since the release of the Red, they’ve made a lineup change by discontinuing the Red and launching the MTB-X.


The new MTB-X is the latest offering from Snell Golf for golfers looking for high performance.


  • The X is a 3-piece ball offering a smaller core for superior distance
  • Thicker, firmer mantle layer for high spin with irons and firmer feel
  • Refined Aerodynamics for improved performance when playing in wind
  • Firmer, thicker mantle layer provides high spin and firmer feel than MTB Black.
  • CAST urethane cover for great control and durability.


The first thing you notice (and the best thing, if you ask me) with the
MTB-X is the feel. The firmness is most noticeable on putts. I couldn’t feel a discernible difference on full shots or shots around the green.

I’ve always preferred a firmer ball, especially when putting; one that has more of a “clicky” sound at impact. The MTB-Black felt squishier at impact with the putter and that is where Snell made the biggest leap forward on the MTB-X ball. I’d compare the feel to a ProV1x or the Srixon XV, though, the XV in particular feels more “clicky” than the Snell MTB-X. If you’re a fan of the ProV1x or the XV, you won’t be disappointed with the MTB-X when it comes to feel with the putter.

Hot Off the Putter

I immediately noticed when putting was that the ball seemed hotter than a ProV1 or the Srixon XV (the other balls I had in my bag to compare against). The MTB-X really took off at impact vs the other balls. I’m not sure if it was my imagination or if it has to do with the compression of the ball compared to the others? Definitely took me little while to get that part dialed in, but it wasn’t a big deal in the end.


The MTB-X is right up there in durability with the other top brands I’ve used. I’ve used a single ball for 36 holes on a couple occasions and while you could tell the ball had been used, there were no scuffs or cuts and was still playable. Unfortunately I didn’t think to snap a pic of the balls used for 36 holes. You can see two balls used for 18 holes below.


Price is consistent with Snell’s previous models at $32.00 per dozen now with free two day shipping. The price gets progressively cheaper the more you buy. Two dozen comes in at $30.99 per dozen, three to four dozen is $29.99 per dozen and five dozen or more is $27.99 per dozen. Hard to beat that.


It wouldn’t be a real review without something to nitpick, right? I use a sharpie to draw a line on my ball. I noticed straight away that the line starts fading after the first handful of shots on the course. I’m not sure what’s different about the cover compared other balls, but the line definitely doesn’t stay dark as long as it does on the Srixon XV. Here’s a comparison photo of four balls used for an entire round each (I think the Srixon XV on the right was actually used for two whole rounds):

Snell MTB-X Line Test

As you can see above, the MTB-X balls have a line that’s faded more than the Srixon XV. I noticed straight away that the line on the MTB-X started to fade on the first handful of shots. Probably not a huge deal, but I dislike the idea of having to re-apply the line in the middle of a round.

I’d love to see Snell do something like this to avoid the fading line (I prefer a longer line):

Snell MTB-X Wants


It depends on what feel you prefer, but for me, the MTB-X ball is the best ball in the Snell lineup. It’s right up with there any competitor’s “x” ball. It doesn’t lack in distance, spin or feel and your bank account won’t feel the hit if you lose one! If you’re on the fence about what ball to go with, give their test pack try.

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.

  • Price
  • Feel
  • Performance
  • Durability


The MTB-X ball is the best ball in the Snell lineup. It’s right up with there any other competitor’s “x” ball. It doesn’t lack in distance, spin or feel and your bank account won’t feel the hit if you lose one!

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