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Review: First Tee Shot – Nutritional Supplement for Golfers That Promotes Focus

First Tee Shot Image
First Tee Shot Image

Anyone that’s played the game of golf has had first tee jitters. Standing on the first tee in front of other people can make even the best players anxious. Now there’s a product to help fight those sensations:

First Tee Shot

First Tee Shot: engineered for golfers to help keep calm, relaxed and improve your focus and concentration.

Why drink First Tee Shot?

  • Helps ease first tee jitters
  • Formulated to increase focus
  • Swing smooth and feel relaxed
  • Helps improve concentration
  • Long lasting formula to get you through the round
  • Tastes great

Each bottle has 0 Calories, 0 Preservatives, is Sugar Free, Gluten Free and made with Natural Ingredients.


In my experience, these types of products don’t taste great and usually leave an aftertaste like cough syrup does. Not the case with the First Tee Shot Birdies Berry. It’s hard for me to tell exactly what Birdies Berry tastes like. I’d love to be able to describe it in more detail, but all that I can say is that it tastes like a mixture of berries. Shocking, right? It goes down smooth and doesn’t leave an aftertaste. It does have a slight “syrup” texture, but that’s expected.

Does it Work?

That’s a hard question to answer. I didn’t notice any immediate difference in how I felt, but to be fair, that’s the point of the product. It’s not meant to give you a jolt of energy or anything like that. Looking back on my rounds, I do think there’s something there. I don’t get super nervous or anxious anyway, but the rounds where I took First Tee Shot, I did fell calmer. It was like my single focus during the round was to hit the ball, go find it and then hit it again. In normal rounds, I’d worried about a previous bad hole or thinking about the last shot I didn’t hit exactly how I wanted. That wasn’t an issue with First Tee Shot.

One testament to the product doing what it claims was from a week ago when I had a quadruple bogey followed by a double bogey. It has been a LONG time since I had two holes back-to-back that bad. It didn’t bother me. I plugged along with the round and didn’t think about those holes again and actually turned what could have been a total meltdown into a decent round.

The final thing I’ll mention about it’s effectiveness is that I have a tendency to get bored during the round. Usually it hits me around hole 14 or so when I lose interest in the round and am fine heading home. Rounds where I drank First Tee Shot, I noticed that my focus maintained the entire round. I didn’t catch my self having zero Fs to give half way through the backside.


First Tee Shot contains all natural ingredients: 0 calories, 0 preservatives, is sugar free and gluten free.

First Tee Shot Ingredients
First Tee Shot Ingredients

Thanks to First Tee Shot. Looking forward to new flavors in the future!

Head over to their website and grab yours now!

First Tee Shot
  • Price
  • Taste
  • Convenience
  • Effectiveness

First Tee Shot

First Tee Shot: engineered for golfers to helpĀ keep calm, relaxed and improve your focus and concentration.

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