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Rukket SPDR Golf Net Review

If you’re a golfer in Kentucky, winters suck. Golf season is typically over mid-November and doesn’t start again until early-mid March. Every year when winter hits I tell myself I’m going to work on my game in some fashion in the offseason. I never do. March rolls around I’m kicking myself for not doing something, anything, to keep my game at least semi-sharp.

This year will be different!

Rukket Sports

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”400″ size=”18″ bg_color=”#eeeeee” txt_color=”#444444″]Rukket is a small company that was founded using personal savings.  We are USA owned and operated.[/mks_pullquote]If you’re a golfer and you’ve searched golf nets, you’ve no doubt seen the name Rukket Sports. Rukket’s official launch was at the 2012 PGA Show where the original RukkNet was a huge hit because of its ease of use and durability. Rukket has continued to grow since.

Rukket SPDR Golf Net

I have tried other cheaper nets in the past and they never seem to last. Most you can’t hit driver without fear of the ball going through the net into your wall. The others don’t have an actual net and have some kind of tarp that makes a loud BOOM once the ball impacts it. That won’t work with kids taking naps in the house! Enter the SPDR Golf Net from Rukket.

I’m not sure what I expected, but the box the net comes in is much larger than I thought it would be:

Here’s what comes in the box:

Included is:

  • Frame
  • Net
  • Attachable side barrier wings (for those occasional hosel rockets)
  • Carrying bag
  • 3 turf hitting mat

The finished product in my garage:

Three Turf Hitting Mat

The three turf hitting mat is much higher quality than I expected. It comes with three cut levels of turf. One for a very tight fairway, one that’s comparable the fringe and another area that’s a little shaggier.

The shaggy middle turf is by far my favorite. Most mats are so tight that it’s hard to get meaningful practice on those shots around the green where you may need to open the face up a bit and use the bounce of the club where shorter turf might leave you bouncing the wedge into the mat blading the shot.

Ease of Setup

According to Rukket, the SPDR Net has a two minute setup time. It took me around 15 minutes, but having a better understanding of how it’s assembled, I’m sure I could do it in two minutes or so. Once the net is attached to the frame, it no longer has to be removed if you want fold the frame back up for storage, so that greatly cuts down on the time to assemble.


The quality of the entire package is top notch. The metal frame isn’t solid, but it’s thick enough to be sturdy. It also has a nice added touch with no-slip rubber feet on the bottom of the frame so it stays in place.

The netting has stood up to every club in the bag. Like I said earlier, most nets can’t stand up to full speed driver shots. This net handles it with ease. So far I’ve probably hit 50+ drivers into the net with no signs of any wear.


The net is 10’x7′. It’s the perfect size for the space in my garage (as you can see in the pic above). The net is wide enough to eliminate any fear if you catch one of the hosel or toe (especially with the attachable side rails). Being 7′ tall the net is also perfect for every club in the bag. I’ve hit everything from wedges to driver.


The net is $249.99 right now on Amazon. It’s a little pricey in comparison to some other nets you will find out there, but with the quality, I think it’s priced right. There’s another competitor out there who’s cheapest net offering is more than double that of the Rukket SPDR. Keep in mind too, the Rukket SPDR net includes the three turf hitting mat ($60 value by itself) and the attachable side barriers which ($40 value). You’re getting a heck of a package for $250.

That said, $250 is $250. If the price is more than you were looking to spend, check out the pop-up RukkNet and the Haack Net both by Rukket.


Overall great net. I’ve got a couple more months of winter here in KY and plan on getting out to my garage as much a possible. Follow me over on Instagram as I’ll be posting more videos soon using the net along with general golf pics/vids.

Rukket SPDR Golf Net
  • Ease of Setup
  • Quality
  • Size
  • Price


This may be the best net that I’ve owned. It’s easy to setup. It’s sturdy and stands up to any type of shot you want to hit into it. If you’re looking for a net, this is the one!

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