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Review: Mirror Vision – Review Your Golf Swing in Real-Time

Every golfer wants to improve their swing. Improving your swing on your own can be tedious. Usually golfers set up a tripod, record their swing, then review it, rinse, repeat. Who has time for that? Review Your Swing in Real-Time Enter: Mirror Vision. Gone are the days of reviewing your swing after every shot on the range. It’s so tedious… Read More »Review: Mirror Vision – Review Your Golf Swing in Real-Time

Rukket SPDR Golf Net Review

If you’re a golfer in Kentucky, winters suck. Golf season is typically over mid-November and doesn’t start again until early-mid March. Every year when winter hits I tell myself I’m going to work on my game in some fashion in the offseason. I never do. March rolls around I’m kicking myself for not doing something, anything, to keep my game at… Read More »Rukket SPDR Golf Net Review

The Pocket Bunker Review

Most amateurs cringe a bit when they see their ball heading for a greenside bunker. For the average golfer, a greenside bunker presents the potential to wreck a round faster than any other shot on the course. Amateurs see how effortless the professionals make bunker shots appear, yet struggle to reproduce that magic themselves. Why is that? My theory is… Read More »The Pocket Bunker Review